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About Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o.

Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o. focuses on the production of quality agricultural products in Slovakia. The company was established in 2003 and today consists of several farming units in Slovakia specialized in pigs, eggs, plant and fodder production.

Today the cornerstone of the company is pig production and we are one of the biggest producers in Slovakia with 150.000 fatteners a year. We have a yearly production of almost 50 million eggs and produce crops on app. 7.500 ha. Most of the grains are utilized in the groups two fodder factories.

We sell our products on the Slovak market as well as exporting to surrounding countries: Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Romania. In total, Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o. employs approximately 250 people.

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Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o. was established in 2003 by seven Danish investors - mainly farmers. The aim was to efficiently operate large scale farms in Slovakia

In the middle of 2003 the first farm, ProOvo®, was purchased. The company was founded in 1967, and produced both fatteners and eggs. In 2004 the first farm for crops production in Boleráz was purchased and additionally increased the acreage in 2005. As well, one farm in Senica for fattening pigs was taken over in 2005. Acquisitions started up again in 2007 with farms in Malinovo, Rybany and Spišské Vlachy being acquired. In 2008 the Šal’a and Svinná farms were taken over and in 2010 the last unit in Palárikovo entered the group. These purchases made Polnovakia Agrar one of the major pig producers in Slovakia. .

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Vision & Objectives

The vision of Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o is to be among the leading and most innovative agricultural companies in Slovakia focusing on the production of high quality products.

Our objective is to offer our employees a safe, attractive and interesting place to work as well as to ensure a high level of employee satisfaction and loyalty. We focus on giving our employees the opportunity to develop their personal and professional competences.

We respect the local surroundings we operate in and take responsibility in order to follow the Slovak and European laws, political decisions and local traditions. Further we focus on the environmental and ethical conditions when working with animals, human foods and agriculture in general.

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Management & Board

Managing Director
      • Ulrik Biel Hansen

      • Ulrik Biel Hansen
      • Claus Clausen
      • Ole Sloth Nielsen
      • Erling Bech Poulsen
      • Lars Rasmussen
      • Karsten B. Madsen
      • Ole Jensen


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