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Polnovakia Agrar supports the local communities in proximity to our farms. We support the municipalities in reconstruction projects and at special celebrations. Each year we e.g. support the Easter celebrations in the village of Malinovo a Svätý Jur, further we support the apple festival organized by the local museum in Pezinok.

In Vištuk we have supported the village in a reconstruction project called "nursery and school" through a sponsorship. The 31st of October the nursery was officially opened by the Minister of Education, Dušan Čaplovič and the Mayor of Vistuk, Ľubomír Jelínek. Ulrik Biel Hansen and Vladimír Baláž from Polnovakia Agrar were invited as special guests for the ceremony.

You can see pictures from the ceremony and the statement from the Mayor of Vištuk below.


Nursery is now situated in two small not connected buildings. The older one has more than 100 years. They haven´t been in good condition for longer period of time because of hygienic conditions and small spaces.
Since September 2012 they haven´t been able to accept 12 more children because of the new state standards.

In the building of primary school began the first school in year 1959/1960. It had been school also for children from nearby village Báhoň until 1974. From that time the number of pupils was decreasing year on year.
In school year 2012/2013 came to school 84 new pupils. Now the building space of primary school is used a little. There hadn´t been made any bigger reconstruction works from the opening of building in 1959/1960 until 2011, which means the building was practically not usefull.

Solution for Vištuk village

Without functioning school facilities there is no possibility for further development of the village. That is why solving of functional problem and further develop of material and technical facilities for education needs is in priorities of our village.
After several months of exploring the possibilities to solve the nursery problem and primary school, it has been found, that economically and functionally the best will be to move the nursery into the building of primary school.

Start of work

After changing of windows in years 2011/2012 there have been started preparatory works.
First it was necessary to make free space, that was used as a store of various material.
It was needed to divide the space used by primary school and space, that after reconstructions will be used by nursery. In project documentation all theese requirements needed to be put in according to hygienic and legal standards. During theese preparatory works the village was looking for the way, how to find financial resources. After 2nd change of general budget the local council agreed money for solving the emergency conditions in the village. But it there was not enough money for realisation of the whole project.
We counted also with the self-help work, donations of various building material and free rental of construction machinery. In half of August 2012 the village got the promise of financial gift on direct use to make construction works for moving the nursery into primary school. This enabled us to make a choice and orders to the companies, that made the necessary professional work.

Requirement of final building approval of new nursery

We were aware, that opening of new nursery requires improving also the school canteen, which we expect to reconstruct by self-help, but there is still a lot of work for professionals. And for that we didn´t have finances.

I am very glad that ProOvo, a.s, would help us as partner for our reconstruction project “nursery and school” by sponsoring. ProOvo, a.s. sponsoring will among other enable us to realize the professional part of the works in the school canteen, and complete the project. .

Thank you for your support and your efforts.


Mayor of Vištuk
Ľubomír Jelínek

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