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Fodder production

Fodder production in Polnovakia Agrar is located in two factories, one in Šal’a and one in Spišské Vlachy. Both meal and granulated fodder mixtures are produced in bulk as well as in bags. The factories supply not only Polnovakia Agrar farms, but also sell high quality fodder mixtures to other farmers in the region.

For more information about the fodder production at each location, please see below.

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  Fodder production
  50.000 tons of fodder/yearly capacity
  21.000 tons silo capacity
  10.000 tons hangar storage capacity

Quality fodder is key in animal farming both for the production and the health of the animals. Therefore we have a strong focus on the complete production chain from raw material to final fodder mixtures including: lab sampling, testing, analysis and registrations. The company also holds the QS certification from QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH. It is the world's largest quality assurance scheme for fresh foodstuffs that involves all participants in the food industry – from farm to shop.


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Spišské Vlachy

  Fodder production
  8 000 tons of fodder/yearly capacity
  21 000 tons silo capacity
  150 tons hangar storage capacity

Polnovakia Agrar purchased a majority of the Spišské Vlachy fodder factory in 2007. Today the production is app. 700 ton/month. Our pig farm in Spišské Vlachy gets their fodder from our factory in Spišské Vlachy. Besides bulk production of fodder mixtures the company also produces a range of fodder mixtures and sells it in various bag sizes directly via three shops in Spišská Nová Ves, Spišský Štvrtok and Spišské Vlachy.


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