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Plant production

The overall management of our plant production in Slovakia is located in Boleráz and includes fields in the following locations: Boleráz, Šúrovce, Vištuk, Spišské Vlachy, Malinovo, Podlužany, Prusy and Svinná.

In Boleráz, we have the logistic center for all trucks, tractors, trailers, pig transports, silo trucks and other farming equipment including garages and a workshop to service our vehicles.

For more detailed information, please see below.

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  Plant production
  2.500 Ha Boleráz, Šúrovce, Vištuk
  1.000 Ha Spišské Vlachy
  1.300 Ha Svinná
  1 200 Ha Malinovo
  1 500 Ha Podlužany, Prusy

From the Boleráz farm the 7.500 Ha of agricultural land of the farms are managed as one unit in order to ensure efficient cultivation as well as the most optimal use of machinery and manpower. The crops cultivation follows a rotation strategy across the farms to improve the annual yield and all farms are using the principle of reduced soil treatment.

The location in Boleráz also holds hangar storages for app. 10.000 tons of grain and facilities for cleaning and drying of crops.

The majority of the crops are processed on our fodder factories and finally used as fodder for our own animals.

  Crops we have in rotation
  Winter wheat   Sunflower
  Spring barley   Ray
  Maize   Spring wheat
  Rapeseed   Soy
  Winter barley   Oat
  Sugar beet   Spring triticale

Our strategy in plant production is to use organic/natural fertilizers from our animal production. The fields are all located in proximity to the animal farms to minimize the transport of the slurry and manure. It is today utilized on the fields using European Union recognized Best Available Techniques (BAT).

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Logistics - Trucks, trailers and workshop

To efficiently manage the plant production machinery, trucks, trailers, silo trailers and pig trailers etc. we have a logistic center located at the farm in Boleráz.

The logistic center organizes the transportation needs across all our locations in Slovakia incl. transportation of: crops, fodder, piglets, fatteners and slurry/manure. The center ensures the best utilization of machinery, vehicles and manpower, but is also responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the European legislation for transports and trucks.

To service and repair the fleet we have a fully equipped workshop at the farm in Boleráz with 3 mechanics working full time.

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